I thought I had a heart attack, but it was osteochondrosis.

I am going to tell you about how quickly I got rid of the unpleasant symptoms of my illness, I forgot about it and I returned to having an active and full life.

Pain under the shoulder blade and in the chest, shortness of breath. The first thing I thought about was my heart. An ambulance had to be called as soon as possible. This is what my colleagues did when I felt bad at work.

The ECG did not confirm the diagnosis. At the hospital, I had a complete exam and was diagnosed with osteochondrosis of the thoracic region. I wasn’t expecting that! I play sports, do yoga, and sleep on an orthopedic mattress all my life. All in vain...

After I was discharged, the specialists prescribed a complex treatment with chondroprotectors, antipsychotics and sedatives, and recommended that I go to classes with a therapeutic gymnastics instructor. As a responsible patient, I followed all the recommendations, but one day I was paralyzed: I could not turn my head or raise my arms. Any movement caused me pain. Seeing how bad it was, the instructor asked me if I had a problem. When I told him my diagnosis, he slapped his forehead:

Why you did not tell me anything? In your case, you cannot submit to any burden. Relieve the pain. This problem is solved in a week at most, and then you can and should attend classes to tone the body and have good health.

Wiping away my tears, I looked at the instructor with interest.

All the people of the world with this diagnosis lead an active and full life, and they forget about the pain. Do you want me to help you? Believe me, the pain will go away once and for all, and you can play sports without risk of injury.

This is how I found out Shark Motion . It is a complex with shark cartilage extract, collagen, turmeric extract, glucosamine, chondroitin, methylsulfonylmethane, boswellia, nettle, harpagophytum and cinquefoil. Compared to similar products, the major difference is that it contains all the building materials necessary for the cartilage tissue of the joints. What I liked the most is the shark cartilage present in its formula. They say it is one of the most effective extracts. I asked my coach to help me with the order. He helped me order it Shark Motion With a discount - I only paid half the price. It is not much for good health!

The delivery was fast, I got it in 3 days. Even from the packaging you can see the top quality of the product. My first impressions were very positive. After a couple of hours, I felt that the stiffness in my chest, back and neck was not so severe anymore, the pain was going away.

Following my coach's recommendation, I started taking 1 capsule a day. This was enough to provide the joints with what they needed. I felt improvements every day.

Every morning began with Shark Motion . I took a capsule, and in a couple of minutes I felt my muscles relax. They were no longer as tight as ropes and I could move more easily. Classes with my coach were easier, and I no longer felt stiff.

I only completed one cycle of treatment and completely forgot about my spinal disc problems and pain. I went back to the gym and even signed up for dance classes as I always wanted. Shark Motion it is a fantastic product and my way to good health.

If you have osteochondrosis or other chronic diseases, take my coach's advice: ask for Shark Motion. You will forget about fatigue, bad mood and pain, and you will only have energy, lightness, joy and a positive attitude. Now you can take the product with a 50% discount. Hurry while the offer lasts.

Shark Motion Enjoy every movement

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