Changing the shape of your nose at home IS POSSIBLE

Abhay Kumar
Beauty expert

Hello, I am Abhay Kumar, I'm the plastic surgeon in a well-known city clinic.

I have over 15 years of medical practice. Every year I make hundreds of surgeries, for which people are willing to pay a lot of money. Unfortunately, many are not aware that in 80% of cases, surgery is not required! Modern medicine long time is able to correct any deffect in appearance without plastic surgery .

Plastic surgery is a fast, expensive and extremely dangerous method of transformation. Originally, its goal was to help people with birth defects or those occurring after injury.


Beauty industry makes sure that many non-surgical methods makes sure that many non-surgical methods of facial correction remain unknown and today I will talk about one of them.

Six months ago, I was approached by a female patient wishing to make a rhinoplasty, simply speaking - to change the shape of her nose. It was a girl aged 20 (!), quite pretty. But, she thought, she was hook nosed. When I asked her why she considers her nose "ugly," she said, that the current trend is for "neat little noses."

As a specialist, I told her that the shape of her nose is anatomically perfect and in her case the surgery can only hurt. But how to prove the contrary to someone who is convinced otherwise. That's right, there is no way.

Then I decided to suggest her different alternative - to slightly adjust the tip and a bump of her nose with Rhinofix

What is Rhinofix ?

This is a special splint to help change the shape of the nose without the need for plastic surgery. It is versatile and has a wide range of actions in order to help:
-narrow the shape of the nose
-make it shorter
-remove irregularities and the bump
-adjust the tip
-change the shape of the nose wings
-restore symmetry

When used regularly, Rhinofix can help you achieve desired result in 2-4 months WITHOUT A TRAUMATIC IMPACT or any kind of unpleasant sensations.

Specialists have long recognized Rhinofix to be a 100% alternative to plastic surgery, despite the fact that it is dozens of times cheaper and is absolutely harmless. But, as you understand, its use will not bring the beauty industry profits similar to rhinoplasty.

Therefore, the information about these splints is carefully kept secret. My patient initially was sceptical regarding Rhinofix but I convinced her that the result will meet all her expectations. Additionally, she does not need to fear health risks and spend a lot of money.

I told her in detail how to wear Rhinofix to achieve the desired result and rescheduled her to see me again in three months.

Look what an effect she has achieved in a relatively short period of time:

The difference between BEFORE and AFTER is huge. I'm not sure that the surgery would give a better effect: the patient's nose has become visibly more straight, the bump almost disappeared, and by correcting the shape of the tip her nose began to seem more neat and elegant. And all this:

As an experienced doctor who puts the health of the patients above all, I recommend this splint to everyone who wants to change or improve the shape of the nose. Effortless, economical and safe for your health. Today it is the only alternative to plastic surgeries, which in fact is much more efficient.

IMPORTANT: You can order Rhinofix on a specialized website.

138$ 69$


Anil K. I am against surgeries. They make people look ugly. The eyelids artificial lifted up to the forehead, artificial plump lips, yuk, horrible!

Bala G. What people are wasting their money for. Instead of spending it on something worthy, they waste thousands to retailor their noses. They better retailor their brains.

Vishnu V. I understand your patient, I hate my nose, it poisons my life! But I don’t have enough money for rhinoplasty.

Jaya W. The only honest plastic surgeon! It has long been known that all these surgeries are just a rip off.

Gotama S. Oh, look how cool, your changed your nose without surgery. I didn’t pay much attention first. I wonder whether this splint really works?

Lavagna S. Excellent result. Has someone of you used it yet?

Derg B. Here in our city I met a few girls who said they changed the shape of their noses with this Rhinofix .

Laxmi M. I learned about Rhinofix on a forum of plastic surgery. I consulted with a doctor in a clinic in our city. I wore Rhinofix for 4 months and it made my nose significantly thinner. It had been very wide, almost potato like nose. I am happy with the result. The only thing is that I bought Rhinofix in the clinic where it was more expensive, I saw the same online but it’s much cheaper! Oh, I wish I knew it before ...

Pratima E. Does it hurt? I don’t like my nose either.

Dr. Abhay Kumar No, Rhinofix doesn’t cause pain or discomfort. It acts gradually.

Riya F. What if this Rhinofix deforms my nose?

Dr. Abhay Kumar No, it won’t as you adjust Rhinofix yourself for a desired result.

Trishna S. Can you report about some more positive results of using Rhinofix in your practice?

Dr. Abhay Kumar Here's is one: Pam, a young lady, 28 years old. After she broke her nose it showed a twist but after using Rhinofix she regained the symmetry after 2.5 months. The operation to correct such a defect would cost about $1,000.

Shakti Z. Looking good, I have a similar problem, can I order Rhinofix and use it unsupervised?

Mohandas H. Yep, I got this splint a month ago, there is a detailed instruction for doing it your self.

Shakti Z. What do you reckon? Any result?

Pratima H. Yes, as a child I used to have a slight bump. Check out my results. My nose is almost straight. I think I’ll wear it for a month and I’ll will be fine! My husband liked it.

Reshma P. Gorgeous nose.

Dr. Abhay Kumar Good result.

Manish M. Does every woman has to do it now or what?