Blue is a color of men's victories Premium complex against prostatitis and erectile dysfunction
49 y.o.
I feel like a normal man again!
53 y.o.
After Bluestone, I urinate without pain and don't get up 3-4 times at night

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Prostatitis spares no one

  • 50%

    Statistics of 2020: every second man after 40 has chronic prostatitis.

  • 85%

    Real numbers: prostatitis has become younger. The prostate gland is inflamed in 85% of men after 35 years old. Often the disease is asymptomatic.

  • 97%

    Problems with potency is the most common complication of chronic prostatitis. 97% of patients complain about erectile dysfunction and weak libido.

Bluestone : only for real men!

A plant complex with natural sources of L-arginine, lycopene and quercetin - the most powerful components for restoring men's health.

Relieves inflammation and pain

Restores urinary system

Increases libido

Improves spermatogenesis

Prolongs sexual intercourse

Enhances vivid sensations during orgasm

Bluestone double whammy against prostatitis and erectile dysfunction

  • L-arginine

  • Biotin

  • Ashwagandha extract

  • Epimedium extract

  • Bitter Orange extract

  • Palmetto extract

Relieves prostate inflammation
Relieves pain and eases urination
Rejuvenates men's genitourinary system, improves sperm quality and mobility
Increases testosterone level and prevents repeated prostate inflammation
Acute and chronic prostatitis (including asymptomatic)
Erectile dysfunction
Decreased libido and interest in sex
Low testosterone level
Prostatitis, adenoma and erectile dysfunction prevention
How to use
10-15 drops in a glass of water
Twice a day for 7-30 days (depending on the condition)
  • Ashwagandha extract

  • Muira Puama extract

  • Tongkat Ali extract

  • Damiana leaves extract

  • Peruvian Maca root extract

  • Blue spirulina

  • Guarana seed extract

  • Aspartic acid

  • Fenugreek

  • Lycopene

  • Quercetin

Increases the effectiveness of Bluestone drops by 3 times
Restores potency
Returns sexual activity
Fights erectile dysfunction
Causes strong arousal and gives vivid sensations during orgasm
Problems with erection and decreased interest in sex amid acute, chronic and asymptomatic prostatitis
Auxiliary additive to Bluestone drops
How to use
1 capsule twice a day for 7-30 days (depending on the condition)

With Bluestone their pain is in the past now

  • "I was suffering from sexual weakness for 8 years due to advanced prostatitis. My wife left, it didn't work out with mistresses. Bluestone dragged me out of this bog. Now I have a firm and strong erection, I catch up almost every day!"

    Jason, 51
  • "I finally feel like a real man. Before Bluestone even going to the toilet was painful. Should I mention sex? But now I can satisfy every woman!"

    Paul, 53
  • "Guys, it's your choice! 10-15 sessions of prostate massage + antibiotics, and there's no guarantee that it helps, or taking Bluestone for 1-3 weeks (a month max, if everything is very bad!), and no prostatitis! I saw the effect in a week: nothing hurts, everything's great in bed!"

    Kevin, 67

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Bluestone drops
2 fl oz
Bluestone complex
Drops 2 fl oz + capsules 10 pieces
Bluestone capsules
10 pieces

For chronic prostatitis and serious erectile dysfunction, we recommend using the Bluestone complex.

It acts 3 times more effectively than capsules or drops alone: it quickly relieves the symptoms of prostatitis, restores erection and reduces the risk of adenoma.

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