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Shark Motion enjoy every movement
Shark Motion
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TIRED OF struggling WITH PAIN?

Lack of glucosamine, chondroitin and collagen causes joint and muscle pain.

With age your body stops producing these elements. It leads to cartilage tissue destruction, loss of muscle mass and spine protrusions. Pain is the main alarm signal.

Sick of constant joint, muscle, back, lower back and neck pain?

Muscles strain causes a constant feeling of overexertion, which leads to fatigue, pain and inability to relax.

Shark Motion for an active life
Shark Motion

Shark cartilage is a valuable source of collagen, glucosamine, chondroitin, zinc, copper and elements that are good for your joints, muscles and spine.

Shark Motion capsules are based on shark cartilage. Just 1 capsule a day will relieve joint pain and let you enjoy moving again.

Shark cartilage compile 60% of each capsule. Each capsule covers the daily need of 287 useful substances: vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc.

Shark Motion easy and healthy
Shark cartilage

Strengthens joints, muscles and spine, preventing their aging.


Increases joint mobility and tendon elasticity.

Turmeric extract

Relieves pain and inflammation, prevents arthrosis.


Prevents osteochondrosis, radiculitis and other inflammatory diseases.


Restores cartilage tissue, rejuvenates joints.

Complex of medical herbs

(Boswellia, harpagophytum, nettle, comarum) strengthens bones, muscles and joints, speeds up recovery after injuries.

Which type of problems can be solved
with Shark Motion ?
Relieves muscle tension in the neck, shoulders, lower back, buttocks and feet.
Improves blood supply and relieves spasms.
Eliminate the feeling of stiffness, numbness and swelling.
Relaxation, restoration of energy and stress relief.
Prevents muscle and joint aging.
Improves posture and joint mobility.
Expert opinion
George Walsh Sports massage therapist

Shark cartilage is the best natural solution to joint, muscle and back pain. It has been used in traditional Japanese medicine since long ago. Today, in the XXI century, scientists value its properties high.

Shark Motion capsules are created based on old Japanese recipes. Shark cartilage strengthens and nourishes joints, helps to heal damaged areas faster. Auxiliary components relieve pain, inflammation and swelling.

I recommend my clients to use Shark Motion capsules to protect their muscles and joints, to restore them after injuries and to deal with inflammatory diseases: arthritis, arthrosis, radiculitis and etc. This product is a must for athletes, the elderly and those who do hard labor.

The capsules start delivering their effect within just 5-10 minutes. Take Shark Motion once a day, and you’ll forget about pain soon.

Les Petersen acupuncture and massage therapist
Nicky 44 years old

I moved to the village and my joints started aching because of hard labor. Painkillers helped, but the effect lasted no more than for 2-3 hours. My doctor said it would be like that all my life long, but my neighbor recommended me to try shark cartilage to fight pain, and I bought Shark Motion upon her recommendation. I felt the effect within just a couple of days: walking became easier. Just a week later, I was able to run!

I completed a 1-month course of Shark Motion and forgot about pain! I can work in the garden all day long till late evening hours without sitting down, and feel no pain the next morning. It’s a miracle!

Anna 38 years old

I have problems with my spine and lower back, I suffer from severe back pain. I do exercises and get massage regularly, but as I grew older, it turned out that it wasn’t enough. Upon the massage therapist’s recommendation, I bought capsules with shark cartilage - Shark Motion – and take them daily before bed.

You know, I feel much better thanks to them! Pain goes away gradually, and it’s more comfortable to do exercises now: I don’t experience any pain in the morning. Also, I sleep tight and my back is always all right in the morning!

Antony 53 years old

I work as a loader. Ordered these capsules with shark cartilage to prevent getting back injuries. Got the effect very quickly, within just a week! I forgot about lower back pain, and putting strain on my knees became easier.

The capsules are flavorless, they aren’t bitter. 1 capsule a day is enough – you don’t have to take tons of pills. With them, at work I can do more than my younger colleagues.

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Shark Motion
take care of you most important asset
Made of ecological materials
Convenient shape and size
Can be used at home, in the office and on the go
Improves blood circulation, relieves pain, stress and heals the body
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98 £
49 £*
* Please note that local VAT may vary depending on the laws & texas of the country where you make an order.
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