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Toxic OFF
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  • Organic formula
  • Scientifically tested

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  • Paralyses parasites and destroys their eggs
  • Regenerates damaged organ cells
  • Removes toxic waste products
  • Strengthens immune system and prevents repeated infection

Parasites can invade your body unnoticed

During contact with animals and insects

If personal hygiene is not complied

During contact with an infected person

With badly washed and insufficiently processed food

With unfiltered or unboiled water

Via items and public places

Every year, more than 2 million people die from infection

Parasites can live asymptomatically in your body for years

Just one symptom can indicate infection

  • Lack or increase of appetite

  • Muscle and joint pain

  • Migraines, sleep disorders, irritability

  • Frequent colds

  • Black circles under eyes, allergies, and itchy skin

  • Rapid weight gain or loss

  • Functional bowel disorder

  • Chronic fatigue and apathy

The course selected by our specialists will help you to fight parasites and cleanse your body

Purification It is effective against all known types of parasites. Neutralizes the activity of harmful organisms by destroying their central nervous system. Parasites' eggs do not receive nutrition, as well as the parasites themselves, and die.

Restoration Parasites and their waste products are removed naturally without disturbing the intestinal microflora. Damaged body tissues begin active recovery, the immune system is increased to prevent repeated infection.

Natural composition for a quick recovery

Wormwood extract Kills larvae and paralyzes parasites' nervous system, preventing them from moving, feeding and reproducing.

Turmeric Accelerates the elimination of parasites and their waste products from the body. It has an immunostimulatory and anti-inflammatory effect.

Gotu Kola Restores damaged organ tissues and has a general healing effect, improves the digestive process.

Amla Accelerates the purification process and restores the body's function after disorders.

Celery Strengthens the immune system and creates a protective barrier in the body against repeated infection.

Why Toxic OFF is more effective than other products?

Ayurveda and ancient Japanese medicine

Merging the knowledge of two ancient cultures of Japan and India with a national cuisine consisting of raw seafood, helped to create a new antiparasitic product. Traditional medicine is based on the combinations against parasites, since only a purified body can achieve enlightenment.

An improved formula helped to create an effective, natural and affordable product. Another feature of Toxic OFF is that It helps your body to recover from invasive poisoning and creates immune protection to prevent repeated infection.

Health care from a medical point of view

No one is protected against infection. Parasites can easily enter your body. You can cure and prevent complications with the help of 30-day course of Toxic OFF capsules. Modern medicine considers this product one of the best. It has no contraindications, complications when used and it acts gently and quickly.

After I started using Toxic OFF in my practice, the treatment has become faster, more efficient and easier. My patients, who have lived with parasites for many years and were finally able to be cured, are now grateful and healthy. Toxic OFF relieves unpleasant sensations in the abdominal area, improves digestion, appetite, sleep, increases the body's vitality, strengthens the immune system and it is harmless to the human body. Unlike parasites and their larvae, which have no chance to survive.

Ibrahim Nduta doctor of medicine, parasitologist

Grateful patients' reviews

I work with animals and have medical inspections on schedule. When I found out that I was infected, I tried Toxic OFF. I like that the product is natural and it immediately helps to restore the body. After the course, I took a test and it was clean. I didn't feel any pain or discomfort while taking the product. On the contrary, I began to sleep better and feel more cheerful. Naomi

The product is great, it completely cleaned my body of parasites. It acts gently, and effectively. I couldn't get rid of the helminth eggs for a long time. I took medications prescribed by my doctor, and the worms returned after a while. Apparently all these medications only killed adult parasites, and some of their eggs remained. But Toxic OFF cleaned my body in just a month. I've been feeling much better for six months now and the tests show that my body is clean. Wanjiru

My whole family took Toxic OFF after my son got pinworms. The doctor prescribed treatment with Toxic OFF for my son and advised us to take it for prevention, since it is natural. It tastes fine, no side effects were noted. Later, my whole family took tests. They were clean. Moses

Beware of fakes!

Due to the popularity of the Toxic OFF antiparasitic product, counterfeit items began to appear. The original product can only be purchased on this website .

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Toxic OFF

Save 50%

12200 KES 6100 KES*

* Please note that local VAT rates can differ depending on a law of the country where you make an order.

Special offer ends in:
  • Natural composition

  • Safe use

  • Clinically proven effectiveness

  • Prevents repeated infection