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Motion Mat


A method that really works
  • The best solution for a healthy lifestyle
  • Acupuncture massage mat with needles
  • 100% natural and safe
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The healers of Ancient China made an important discovery in 1600 BC. There are points on our bodies that have effects on various organs and systems, if we stimulate them. This is how acupuncture was discovered. This technique is still used to treat ANY diseases in China.

During an acupuncture session, the needles are inserted into the skin to a certain depth, which allows a healer to achieve the desired therapeutic effect. This procedure requires care and coordination. The slightest mistake can cost the patient their health. Therefore, many people choose a safe method for home use — an acupuncture mat.

Dozens of needles have a direct effect on the skin without damaging it. Thanks to this device, feeling of discomfort is reduced, pain, nervous tension, stress go away. There is a comprehensive recovery of the body — and no side effects.

The finest traditions of ancient oriental medicine with a modern interpretation

The following effects are achieved when acting on the acupuncture points:

Energy harmonization

Relaxation of the entire body, stress relief and bringing a person into harmony with themselves and the others.

Body stimulation

Activation of a projected organism: it copes with tasks faster and better, works at an accelerated pace.

Complete relaxation

Stimulation antagonists: relaxation of projected organs and systems, full rest and body recharge.

Motion Mat is an acupuncture massage device made of safe and eco-friendly materials. Needle applicators, shaped as open flowers, have a direct effect on bioactive points. It releases clogged energy channels, normalizes blood circulation, eliminates congestion in tissues and organs, and improves well-being.

In-home alternative to acupuncture

Due to the large number of spikes on the mat surface and the special applicators shape, they simultaneously affect many bioactive points, which gives an excellent result. Microscopic punctures activate the work of nerve endings, resulting in improved blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, pain is relieved and the regenerative properties of damaged tissues are improved.

The Motion Mat device is especially useful for the musculoskeletal system disorders. After the procedures, the cartilage tissue is restored, blood flow is improved, muscle pain is relieved and the consequences of injuries are eliminated. This treatment is beneficial for vertebral hernias, sciatica, osteochondrosis, poor joint mobility, chronic headaches, insomnia, obesity, sexual disorders, and certain diseases of the respiratory and digestive organs. In addition, Motion Mat improves overall vigour of the body, calms, relaxes and completely eliminates the effects of stress.

Enjoy all the benefits of the centuries-tested method at home!

William Barton

oriental medicine expert, 18 years of working experience

The age-old experience for physical health and mental stability

The Motion Mat acupuncture device is made of natural materials with the use of modern processing technologies:
Eco-friendly filler — coconut fibre

Hypoallergenic, eco-friendly, durable

Neodymium magnets

Additional magnetic field for the joints and bones treatment

Needles — recyclable medical plastic

Eco-friendly and safe for people

Removable cover — 100% organic flax

Durable, wear-resistant, easy to clean

Motion Mat

A comprehensive approach to body recovery

Neck Relieves headaches, stabilizes emotional state, eliminates stress, normalizes sleep, enhances mood.

Back Stabilizes the respiratory and circulatory systems, relieves muscles tension, improves joint mobility and flexibility.

Legs Improves the cardiovascular system, strengthens the musculoskeletal system, enhances the reproductive system.

Arms Relieves pain, improves bowel motility, stimulates digestion, eliminates spasms, improves the functioning of the nervous and circulatory systems.

Sides Stimulates blood circulation, activates lipolysis, promotes weight loss, relieves swelling, improves skin condition.

Buttocks Improves urogenital system, normalizes digestion, eliminates tension in the back, improves blood circulation, reduces cellulite.

Motion Mat can be used in several ways — choose the best way to solve your health problems.

They have already tried Motion Mat and made sure it works

Here are some reviews from Motion Mat users
  • Brian Riley, 57

    When I was young, I worked hard, which affected my health — I damaged my back. The slightest overstrain or hypothermia — I get sciatica, can't stand straight, several days are wasted because of terrible pain. I went to the chiropractor, it only helped temporarily, everything got back when I stopped visiting him. And then my son gave me Motion Mat . I was sceptical at first — what a nonsense. But after a couple of sessions, I felt a significant improvement in my health. Using Motion Mat is my daily habit now. There is no pain at all, my mood is great, I'm full of energy. By the way, I even sleep better. Now I'm helping my son renovate his house, and I'm no longer afraid of lifting heavy things.

  • Abigail Summers, 34

    About 5 years ago, I was diagnosed with cervical spine osteochondrosis. I have a sedentary job, my neck quickly becomes numb when I don't move, and then my entire back begins to ache. Massage didn't help, I changed the specialist. And he told me about Motion Mat , helped me to order it. I don't regret it at all! The osteochondrosis is gone, I've never felt so lively and active. As my specialist explained, this mat, due to the impact on the active points, releases the energy channels and makes the energy circulate, moving it in the right direction. I gave this mat to my mother, because she suffers from joint pain. And then there are also magnets, which contribute to the joints and bones restoration. As for me — Motion Mat just has to be in every household!

  • Olivia Porter, 25

    I had a pinched nerve after giving birth — my body became twisted in the waist and shoulders. The doctor advised me to take a course of acupuncture, but I'm afraid of needles since childhood. As an alternative, I ordered Motion Mat that has the same effect, but it doesn't prick the skin. Honestly, I thought it would hurt like hell to lie on it. But no. At first, there was a slight discomfort, and then I felt a slow relaxation, the tension went away. I even fell asleep on this mat several times. After the session, I feel an incredible vigour in my body, like I can move mountains. After 3 weeks of using Motion Mat every day, my problem has completely disappeared. But I keep using the mat — I'm now more balanced, I forgot about the constant lack of sleep and headache. This is a really cool thing!

  • Cody Campbell, 43

    My sister bought Motion Mat first. Personally, I don't really believe in all the miraculous inventions that have flooded the market... But she made me lie down on it. Minute one — thousands of needles pierced my back. But my back got used to it quickly, and I dozed on it for half an hour. My fussy, nervous, emotional mood after work disappeared right away. I really feel like I was reborn. You can lie on this mat for up to three hours a day, with breaks, of course. Its small spikes have a positive effect on our blood circulation, and this is a godsend for people with osteochondrosis. In conclusion, I want to note that my body feels refreshed after such effect on my back. I'm a lucky owner of Motion Mat for over a month now, and I'm going to keep using it!

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Live large with Motion Mat

Acupuncture massage mat with needles

  • 100% eco-friendly
  • Durable and practical
  • Mobile and compact

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118 € 59 €

* Please note that the local VAT rate may differ depending on the country where the order is made. Our sales/customer service department will happy to help you.

Motion Mat