Keto diet + Keto Guru = a powerful combination to work against overweight

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Keto diet

is a low carb diet with a high level of fats and moderate levels of carbohydrates. It facilitates weight loss by transforming your body's own fat into energy.

The advantage of Keto diet is that you can keep eating plenty of delicious foods such as meat, fish, eggs, and cheese - basically, everything containing lots of fat. However, you will have to stop eating carbs completely. This results in serious consequences such as

  • lack of energy
  • the development of 'keto flu'
  • poor functioning of your internal organs

That's why you need Keto Guru! No need to deny yourself carbs and be concerned about your well-being.

Keto Guru - eat your favourite foods and lose weight!

Keto Guru represents effervescent tablets which support your body during ketosis (when body cells stop receiving sufficient quantities of carbohydrates). Active components of Keto Guru reduce fatigue, help to deal with apathy, prevent 'keto-flu', and compensate for the shortcoming of healthful substances. If you take Keto Gutu, you can keep eating food containing carbs. The most important thing is to do this in moderation. The active formula contained in the product speeds the fat burning process by 2-3 times without adversely affecting your body.

How does it work?

When your body stops receiving the required quantities of carbohydrates, it starts losing energy and becomes subject to ketosis. Your body starts actively burning its own fat to get the energy. Overweight disappears solely due to the loss of fat. Muscles remain intact.

Ketosis starts after 2 or 3 weeks of simple adherence to the Keto diet. If the diet is supplemented with Keto Guru the process begins in just 45-50 minutes! The quantity of the ketone bodies increases even in the presence of carbohydrates in your body and the risk of side effects becomes significantly lower.

Sticking to the Keto diet using Keto Guru is much easier

Just a single effervescent tablet taken daily will prevent the symptoms of the Keto diet and will make it several times more effective.

Keto diet

Weight loss time: from 3 to 6 months
Restrictions: no carbs, moderate intake of proteins
Side effects: Acidosis (headache, drowsiness, and fatigue); nephrolithiasis (kidney stones), bone demineralisation, gastrointestinal issues, temporary hypoglycemia, and dehydration
Outcome: minus 11-14 lbs in a month

Keto diet + Keto Guru

Weight loss time: from 2 weeks to 1 month
Restrictions: moderate consumption of carbs
Side effects: no
Outcome: minus 31-42 lbs in a month

Keto Guru will change your understanding of weight loss

  • An effortless result

    Active components of the tablet work all day long when you work, rest, or even sleep. They boost your metabolism and trigger fat burning process without the need to do exercises. The achieved result stays with you for a long while.

  • No side effects

    Thanks to natural components and well-balanced vitamin complex Keto Guru does not affect your heart, blood vessels, and liver. The risk of allergic reactions is low.

  • No muscles burning

    Components contained in Keto Guru split the subcutaneous fat without reducing your muscles. Conversely, they help in making them bigger. These components prevent the reduction of electrolytes in your bloodstream during the Keto diet facilitating a healthy weight loss.

Losing weight with Keto Guru = making your whole body healthier

During active weight loss, Keto Guru supplies all essential substances and microelements to your body. This helps to avoid lack of vitamins, calcium and magnesium deficiency, and dehydration which is not infrequent when an individual is on a strict Keto diet.

Active components in a single tablet

Aminobutyric acid

It deals with mental fuzziness and lack of concentration during the initial stage of ketosis. It helps to relax, eliminates nervousness, improves the process of falling asleep, and the duration and quality of sleep.


It improves stamina, reduces fatigue, prevents the development of stress in your body caused by the diet.


Prevents the development of keto-flu, stabilises blood pressure, and eliminates muscle weakness.


It reduces irritability and nervousness, prevents the development of depression which frequently occurs during the Keto diet, reduces headaches, and improves focus.

Group B vitamins

17 mg
They support the functioning of your heart, digestive organs, reduce the levels of cholesterol, and improve fertility
USE: put one tablet in a glass of pure lukewarm water and drink it once a day during breakfast for 30 days.

What will you choose?

Keto Guru proved to be more effective than any other weight loss supplements.

  • Cocktails for weight loss

    • Calories: 150-230
    • Sugar: 35g-40g
    • Caffeine: 25%-30%
  • Coffee for weight loss

    • Calories: 120-180
    • Sugar: 0g
    • Caffeine: 45%-55%
    • Calories:0
    • Sugar:0g
    • Caffeine:0%
  • Capsules for weight loss

    • Calories: 190-250
    • Sugar: 10g-20g
    • Caffeine: 40%-50%
  • Tea for weight loss

    • Calories: 10-130
    • Sugar: 0g
    • Caffeine: 75%-90%

Say GOODBYE! to overweight!

Stick to the Keto diet and lose weight twice faster!


Frequently asked questions:

  • Is there a risk of an allergic reaction after taking Keto Guru?

    Allergic reactions might happen solely due to intolerance to the components contained in the product.

  • I can't eat sweets and pasties while on the Keto diet. But if I use Keto Guru, can I eat them?

    You can but in moderation. Keto Guru helps to flush fast carbs out of your body before they become digested.

  • How does Keto Guru taste?

    Solving an effervescent tablet in water results in a moderately sweet beverage.

  • Where can I buy Keto Guru?

    Keto Guru is available on the manufacturer's official website only. This is done to reduce the number of falsification attempts.

  • How long does it take to lose weight using Keto Guru?

    It depends on your body and lifestyle. It usually takes one month.

  • Did Keto Guru undergo appropriate clinical trials?

    Keto Guru has been tested and approved by the leading European dietitians. It has received several quality certificates and has been praised at the annual Nutrition and Immunology Conference.

  • How well does Keto Guru match with other foods?

    You can take Keto Guru without changing your dietary habits.

  • Will I keep my new weight when I stop taking Keto Guru?

    You will be able to maintain your new weight for a significant period of time.

  • Why is Keto Guru unavailable in pharmacies and stores?

    That's the way of defending its product against falsification used by the manufacturer. Besides, the manufacturer prefers to maintain direct contact with its customers.

  • Can I use Keto Guru to make my body healthier?

    Yes, you can. Keto Guru improves the functioning of your internal organs, cleanses your body and fills it with vitamins. Many people keep taking Keto Guru after losing weight to improve their well-being.

  • How much time does my body need to fully digest a single tablet?

    Due to the fact that the tablet is effervescent, Keto Guru is digested much faster than other tablets. On average, it takes 10 minutes.

  • Are there products similar to Keto Guru?

    Currently, there are no products similar to Keto Guru. It's a unique natural product which is safe and remarkably effective.

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