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Motion Energy

Time-tested efficiency

  • The best solution for a healthy lifestyle
  • Warming gel with eucalyptus extract for joints and muscles
  • 100% natural and safe
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Australian Bushmen know more about the healing power of eucalyptus than anyone else. Aborigines used eucalyptus leaves to treat pain and deal with any injuries over centuries. This method to treat injuries is still used in Australia and abroad.

Eucalyptus oil contains a special substance – eucalyptol. It has a healing effect on damaged tissues. Its active components penetrate deep into the site of inflammation, relieve pain and inflammation, restore mobility and stimulate natural regeneration.

Eucalyptus oil has a direct effect on the source of pain. The product helps to reduce discomfort, relieve pain, nervous tension and stress. These effects can be achieved without any unpleasure that can be caused by massage. Comprehensive healing occurs without any side effects.

The best traditions of ancient medicine in a modern interpretation

Affecting sore areas results in:

Pain elimination

Swelling and inflammation go away along with pain. Muscle and joint mobility restore.

Blood flow improvement

Blood circulation improves, the amount of nutrients increases.

Tissue regeneration

The product launches the process of tissue regeneration and restores synovial fluid.

Motion Energy is the product for quick muscle & joint pain and discomfort relief. Natural organic components selectively have an effect on the source of pain and have a direct effect on biologically active points. The gel normalizes blood flow, decongests tissues and organs, and improves overall health.

At-home alternative to professional massage therapy

Natural essential oils and plant extracts in the formula of Motion Energy have an effect on bioactive points, delivering great results. The gel’s active components stimulate nerve ending function, thus improving blood flow and lymphatic drainage, relieving pain and improving regenerative properties of damaged tissues.

Motion Energy is especially useful for those with locomotor system problems. Using it helps to restore cartilage tissue, improve blood flow, relieve muscle pain and eliminate the consequences of injuries. The product shows the best results when dealing with slipped discs, ischias, osteochondrosis, poor joint mobility, arthritis, arthrosis, ligament strain and injuries. Motion Energy eliminates pain quickly, relieves swelling and inflammation.

Enjoy all benefits of a time-proved method at home!

William Barton

oriental medicine expert, 18 years of working experience

The age-old experience for physical health and mental stability

The Motion Energy made of natural components with the use of modern processing technologies:
Eucalyptus essential oil, eucalyptus leaf

Relieves pain, stimulates natural tissue regeneration

Rosemary essential oil

Improves blood flow and nutrition of damaged tissues

Cinnamon essential oil

Tones up, fills with energy and invigorates

Ginger extract

Eliminates swelling and pain, relieves inflammation

Motion Energy

Complex approach for a body recovery

Neck Relieves discomfort, improves mobility.

Back Relieves pain, thus preventing re-inflammation.

Lower back Reduces inflammation, relieves discomfort.

Shoulders Improves mobility, eliminates pain, relieves inflammation and swelling.

Knees Reduces pressure on the knees, stimulates the production of synovial fluid.

Ligaments Increases ligament elasticity, prevents strain and reduces the risks of injuries.

They have already tried Motion Energy and made sure it works

Here are some reviews from Motion Energy users
  • Brian Riley, 57

    When I was young, I worked hard, which affected my health — I damaged my back. The slightest overstrain or hypothermia — I get sciatica, can't stand straight, several days are wasted because of terrible pain. I went to the chiropractor, it only helped temporarily, everything got back when I stopped visiting him. And then my son gave me Motion Energy . I was sceptical at first — what a nonsense. But after a couple of sessions, I felt a significant improvement in my health. Using Motion Energy is my daily habit now. There is no pain at all, my mood is great, I'm full of energy. By the way, I even sleep better. Now I'm helping my son renovate his house, and I'm no longer afraid of lifting heavy things.

  • Abigail Summers, 34

    About 5 years ago, I was diagnosed with cervical spine osteochondrosis. I have a sedentary job and my neck goes numb quickly when I don’t move, and then back pain comes. Massage therapy didn’t help, so I had to find another specialist. Another one told me about Motion Energy and helped me to order it. I don’t regret doing so! Osteochondrosis went away. I’ve never felt so active and full of energy. As a specialist says, the balsam has a direct effect on biologically active points, thanks to it, pain goes away quickly. Personally, I think that Motion Energy is a must-have for everyone!

  • Olivia Porter, 25

    After giving birth, I had a pinched nerve, my lower back and shoulders were aching. My doctor recommended me to undergo a course of massage therapy, but the first two sessions were so painful that gave it up and ordered Motion Energy as an alternative. This balsam delivers the same effect, but without torturing massage. Frankly speaking, I was waiting for offensive odor, but it reminded me of fresh breath gum. Pain went away within several minutes after applying the balsam. It’s so great to feel free and not be afraid of moving anymore. Now, I still apply the gel each time I feel discomfort. It’s really cool stuff!

  • Cody Campbell, 43

    My sister bought , she does sports actively and sometimes gets injuries. Personally, I don’t really believe in miraculous inventions the market full of… But I happened to dislocate my arm, it was aching so much, the doctors recommended to take complete rest. My sister simply applied the balsam to my shoulder, and, lo and behold, pain disappeared within just 5 minutes!! I felt like a new man. It’s a real catch for those who suffer from joint and muscle pain. I’ve been happy with Motion Energy for more than a month, and I’ll continue using it!

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Forget about pain with Motion Energy

Gel for joints and muscles

  • Natural ingredients
  • Safe and effective
  • Mobile and compact

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118 £ 59 £*

* Please note that local VAT rates may vary depending on the laws & taxes of the country where make an order.

Motion Energy