How I only weigh 55 kg after 2 months instead of 85 kg

Hey guys! Everyone noticed that I have lost a lot of weight and, obviously, I am getting asked a lot of questions . I really wanted to answer all of you personally, but it is simply impossible given the sheer number of questions. This is why I want to answer those questions in this post: "How did you manage to lose 30 kg?" (That does not mean, of course, that you cannot send me any questions. It's just easier this way).

My transformation only took TWO MONTHS! INCREDIBLE RESULTS, RIGHT?

I have never been really skinny, but one day I noticed that I had gotten a lot fatter. I had three huge rolls of fat on my stomach and I looked like a pug in a bikini! My hips, legs and bum grew bigger and bigger! I decided that it was time to try to get fit again . This is why I avoided all sorts of fatty and fried foods. I even no longer had my late-night snacks anymore. Apart from that I went to the gym twice per day! After one month, I was really shocked. I almost WEIGHED 100 kg! I decided to limit myself to a very strict diet and no longer ate bread nor meat. In the end, I would only eat fruits and vegetables in combination with a glass of water. I even tried really expensive pills and teas, but nothing helped ! After some time, the weight would simply come back.

Neither diets nor pills helped. It was a huge scam!
Exercising is way too hard and results will only show after an eternity. What should I do?

After countless diets, pills and hours in the gym with incredibly expensive personal trainings, I was about to give up. But then I came across an article about Matcha Slim and wanted to give it a try. I read that many top stars used it to lose weight. I was still sceptical as I tried many similar products before. But I had no choice! And the comments were pretty promising!

Millions of women in both Europe and America have lost weight using Matcha Slim. According to some studies, 96.7% of all users managed to lose 11-15 kg in just 3 weeks!

I was convinced and opened the website , checked every detail and ordered the product. It got delivered the same week. I read all the instructions and dissolved one small spoon in 150 ml of water. This is how I used to drink it!


After only 2 weeks, I was really surprised. I had lost 5 kg! The puffiness was gone and my skin looked a lot better! My stomach and hips were slimmer again. Not to mention that I was in a better mood! I believed in myself again and that I could get fit without dieting and exercising. I continued and ate everything I liked . I really hated all those hard trainings and strict diets...

At the end of the third week, I had lost another 11 kg! I got really fit and even decided to take the stairs again instead of the elevator. What was once a torment has been a joy ever since. I can hardly believe it myself. I just followed the instructions on the packaging. Anyone can do that! After only two months, I had lost 30 kg!

I have reached my goal in only 60 days. My stomach is slim, I have lost 30 kg and I now have my dream figure which I never imagined possible !

By the way, Matcha Slim was tested by the National Academy of Sciences in 2014. The results were never publicly announced because it would have led to a huge shock. Obviously, the big pharma companies, gyms, nutritionists and private clinics don't fancy losing their clients to the incredibly cheap Matcha Slim!

I now recommend Matcha Slim to all of my friends and colleagues. Important: Order it only on the officially website to avoid fakes. I am totally happy with my results and want you guys to be happy, too! Forget the stereotypes. You don't need any diet or training to get in shape!

PS: If you also tried Matcha Slim, please comment below! Maybe we can convince someone to give it a try, too! See you soon!

Hey guys! I have good news for you! The manufacturer of Matcha Slim contacted me and offered a 50% discount for the 100 first visitors who order it!



Hello Julia, thank you very much! You convinced me to finally do something about my excess weight! That was three weeks ago and I lost 28 kg. I only weigh 57 kg now and my weight remains stable. Thanks a tonne, Catherine


I've dreamed of a slim figure for ages. Then, I heard about Matcha Slim and tried it about 3 months ago. At first I hesitated, but my mother persuaded me to go for it. The price was really cheap, too! Losing weight is so easy and we do it together. But my mother is losing weight more than me. :(


I am so glad I found your blog! I will definitely try this product!


Hi! I saw your recommendation and tried Matcha Slim myself. You saved both my family and my marriage! My husband gives me much more attention than before and I have more self-confidence again. I feel AWESOME! :)


Hey ladies! I will be skinny again soon! I got my Matcha Slim just yesterday! Many thanks for all your comments. They really motivated me! I hope to be in shape soon again and will show you my results later!

Julia Mansfield

Hi Nicole! I am happy for you! The most important thing is that you feel comfortable again. Hopefully, you will see progress soon. And remember: every little progress is better than none at all! Good luck!


Hi Julia! I am so glad I found your blog. I've tried so many methods, but the results have always been disappointing. I am only 1.60 m tall and weigh 97 kg. That has to change urgently! I want to lose at least 35 kg and Matcha Slim seems to be the ideal solution...

Julia Mansfield

Hi Carolin! I am not the only one who lost weight with this product ! My friends also tried it and IT WORKS 100%, guaranteed! You won't be disappointed, believe me!

Guys, just one thing. When you have a moment, I would be really happy if you could share your results here! Maybe we can convince a few more people, so that everyone can lose weight quickly and easily!


I got the package yesterday and will begin my new life now! I'm looking forward to the first results!


Hi Julia! Thank you so much! I lost weight really quickly and most importantly, it is stable! What a miracle! I can really recommend this product to everyone who wants to lose weight without starving.


I have a date tomorrow and we're going to eat in a restaurant. It seemed impossible a few weeks ago, but now I'm slim and men love me. In addition, I can eat anything I want and I don't gain weight! I managed to lose weight with Matcha Slim - 27 kg in total! In just 1 month!


Wow! In just one month?! Maybe I should try Matcha Slim too to shed a few kilos...


I lost 18 kg in just 6 weeks. Unbelievable! Many thanks, Julia!


Congratulations! Your results are incredible! I have no doubt that Matcha Slim helps!!!


Here are my results as promised. The product works perfect. I lost 15 kg in just 6 weeks. WOW!


Don't worry, it really, really works. My bf and I have lost weight with Matcha Slim . We both lost about 18 kg in 2 months. Impressive, right?


Thanks a lot for your comments! You really motivated me and I will order Matcha Slim right away! I hope to lose at least 5-7 kg to reach my personal goal!


Three cousins of mine have lost weight with this product . They used it for a few months and are no longer fat, and they are really beautiful!


Here are my results: I lost 12.5 kg without exercising at all! Everyone is so stunned! :)

Julia Mansfield

Hi Karen! I am so happy for you! As far as I know, you wanted to lose even more weight, right? But a very promising beginning! Good luck!


Hi Julia! I have read your post and will buy Matcha Slim now. The class reunion is coming up soon and I don't want to be the fat one who shows up with 115 kg! I want to look like I did back then when I was 17 and weigh only 68 kg. Of course it's a long way, but you gave me the motivation I needed! Thank you so much!


Your results are amazing. But you really don't have to go on a diet for that? I hate it when I have to live without certain things... I don't want to starve to death!

Julia Mansfield

Exactly! Matcha Slim does not require you to go on a strict diet. We all know that the weight would come back anyways, once the diet is over. That's the main difference with Matcha Slim . So don't worry, just give it a try!


I cannot believe it! I lost 20 kg in just 2 months!!! This product is the real deal ! My husband and I will go on our second honeymoon!


I have tried this product for 8 weeks now and lost 23 kg so far. I cannot believe it myself, but I really used to weigh 90 kg! At last, I can go back to the beach...


I urgently need to lose 13 kg...this is how I got to know this website and I am fascinated after reading all your comments. I will definitely try this product . Let's see what happens! Wish me luck!


My sister brought a package of Matcha Slim from Japan last year. I laughed at her at first. How should you be able to lose weight without dieting and exercising? But she persuaded me and I gave it a try. In February, I drank the product for the first time and, in May, I HAD TO BUY NEW CLOTHES! Everything was just too big for me! Instead of 92 kg I only weighed 58 kg - after 2 months! That was a while ago, but the weight stayed stable! I'm so happy! Just try this product for a couple of weeks and you'll see it for yourself...

Julia Mansfield

Wow, that sounds impressive! Girls, I am so sorry that I could not answer all of you. But I am so happy that you are all satisfied with your results!


I used to weigh 79 kg a few weeks ago. Now, I am down to 55 kg and can eat everything I like without gaining weight! I am so proud of myself! Here are some pics:


Hi Julia and everyone who commented here! I am infinitely grateful! I am 53 years old and have struggled with being overweight for a long time. Even simple exercise was too much for me, and I had terrible back pain and quickly ran out of breath. I read through the opinions and wanted to try Matcha Slim really bad. The results speak for themselves and exceeded my expectations! I only weigh 63 kg (instead of 90 kg)! And that in just 3 months! I feel great and look significantly 10 years younger. My back pain is gone too!


I used to drink Japanese tea to lose weight. Sure, I lost 2 kg, but the kilos were back on after 2 weeks. Please tell me that it is different with Matcha Slim !

Julia Mansfield

Hi Petra! Don't worry, it won't happen. Just look at the photos of all the women who were able to lose weight with Matcha Slim and never gained weight again. The taurine ensures that your body is in control of the fat. You should give Matcha Slim a try for a week or so and you will see the effect for yourself!